Thursday, August 21, 2014

cazır cazır 21.08.2014

1.damien jurado - silver joy
2.jana hunter - palms
3.the hive dwellers - ask you
4.the baptist generals - clitorpus christi
5.aaron freeman - (for a while) i couldn't play my guitar like a man
6.bill callahan - sycamore
7.jeremy jay - the living dolls 
8.the growlers - the fruit is for everyone
9.amen dunes - lilac in hand
10.rodrigo amarante - o cometa
11.seu jorge - don't
12.josé gonzález - how low
13.natural child - bailandon con lobos
14.jonathan wilson - her hair is growing long
15.kan wakan - space owl (cut the rope)
16.gabriel kahane - musso and frank

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