Friday, November 1, 2013

cazır cazır 31.10.2013

1.mark lanegan - flatlands
2.anna calvi - bleed into me
3.roy harper - time is temporary
4.alabama shakes - goin' to the party
5.cass mccombs - the burning of the temple, 2012
6.dick annegarn - saint-james infirmary
7.a.a. bondy - to the morning
8.büyük ev ablukada - ne var ne yok
9.jonathan wilson - dear friend
10.bill callahan - javelin unlanding
11.julia holter - this is a true heart
12.king crule - border line
13.willis earl beal - coming through
14.lou reed - men of good fortune


  1. Men of Good Fortune - Lou Reed harikaymış.

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