Thursday, July 25, 2013

cazır cazır 25.07.2013

1.  billie holiday - goodmorning heartache
2.  thelonious monk - functional
3.  viyaj iyer - somewhere
4.  c2k trio - pure
5.  celine bonacina trio - travel story
6.  get the blessing - small fish, small pond
7.  marco benevento - music is still secret
8.  marc ribot's ceramic dog - ain't gonna let them turn us round
9.  man man - feathers
10.jeremy udden - the reunion
11.bill laswell - lightning in the south


  1. Idk where do You get all music for Your playlist but You must know it 'cause it's not bad. I like listen to Your playlist when I'm surfing on the web :) I'm always open for something new and too lazy to make my own playlist :) Okay, ha det bra :)

  2. i'm doing music and really interresting with music. and also my job is radio ;)